· Franchising FAQ ·

Find out all you need to know.


1. Why invest in a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Franchise?
For many people the desire to own their own business is very strong. The universal appeal of chocolate can’t be denied. At Rocky Mountain we combine the passion for our products and the passion of our franchise owners to be successful business people. It’s a winning combination.

2. Who is the ideal franchise candidate for Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory?
The ideal candidate for Rocky Mountain has a passion for customer service, and great product. Coming into a Rocky Mountain store is a happy experience. Our customers are coming in to our stores to treat themselves, their family, their friends. We want franchise owners who will enhance this experience.

3. Where in Canada is Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory looking for franchise owners?
We are looking for franchise owners across Canada. We are always interested in exploring new markets and expanding in existing markets. If you think you and your community can benefit from Rocky Mountain, call us.

4. Does Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory assist in location selection?
Absolutely! Our Real Estate team is very familiar with the Canadian retail marketplace, and are very successful in securing prime locations for our stores.

5. Does Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory assist in the building of the store?
Yes! We have been building stores for over 20 years and have a team of dedicated professionals who will build your franchise store.

6. Will Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory train me? 
We will train you, and if you wish some future staff members at our Head Office in Vancouver. Training will be done over a 7-10 day period and will cover all aspects of running your business. Also, when your franchise opens, we will be there with you for a further 5 days.

7. What investment level is required for a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory franchise? 
Generally the investment for a new store will be in the range of $350,000. This includes a one time Franchise Fee of $30,000 as well as approximately $30,000 for opening inventory. The balance will be for equipment and store buildout. While financing is relatively easy to secure for Rocky Mountain franchises, it is important to note that your bank will generally require that you have $100,000 cash to invest. For many people this is from home equity.

8. How long will it take to get my Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory franchise open? 
It is not always possible to give a specific answer to this important question. However, the timeframe is generally in the 9 month range. We would be able to give a more accurate response once we begin to work on the details.

9. How long will it be before my Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory franchise starts making money? 
Of course the question on the mind of virtually any potential investor is ‘how much money can I make’ and ‘how quickly will my business be profitable’. The answer to these questions of course will vary from store to store and operator to operator. Additionally, franchise legislation in several provinces restricts us from directly answering this question. However, once we have qualified you as a potential franchise owner, we will give you a list of all of our franchise owners and a ‘password’ which will allow you to speak with them. They are at liberty to discuss anything they wish regarding our business.

10. How big a space do I need for my Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Franchise? 
While we have locations under 300 square feet and as large as 1800 square feet, we prefer locations in the 550-850 square foot range.

11. What do I need to do next to explore investing in my own Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory franchise? 
The next step in us getting to know each other is for you to contact us. Please email Kate Mustard at kate@rockychoc.com for more information, or fill in the Request For Contact Form here on the website and let us call you.