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Rocky Ridge Bars: keeping summertime cool

It’s not the season of summer, it’s the season of ICE CREAM! The sun is blazing, the perfect tan (or burn) is being achieved and we know ice cream is the treat you’re most craving lately. The good things is, we’ve got your back in the ice cream department.

If you haven’t already been introduced, let us do the honours. Meet our Rocky Ridge Bar!

Our Rocky Ridge vanilla ice cream bars are hand dipped in perfectly delicious chocolate right in store and then our wonderful chocolatiers take it to the next level by adding a variety of different toppings to choose from. Toppings include chopped almonds, toffee, m&ms, Oreos and more!

Our Rocky Ridge bars are available in select stores, so if your store carries them, count yourself lucky. Be sure to contact your local store to see if they have them! It’s like air conditioning, for your mind.

Enjoy your summer, one ice cream bar at a time!

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