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All Mom’s chocolate desires come true…

If diamonds are a girls best friend, it would make sense for a diamond rose gold box filled with chocolate to be a girls soulmate, right? Right. So, what to do with a decadent gift like that? Gift it to someone who is just as decadent…Mom! After all, Mother’s Day is almost here!

If you’re trying to beat out the gift game with a sibling, trying to simply impress Mom (so you stay favourite), or you just want a gift for Mom that reflects how wonderful she’s been for you all these years…our Desire Collection box of chocolates will do all that and more.

The Desire Collection includes 25 of our most special and, of course, delicious chocolates such as tiramisu caramel, peanut butter boulder and sea salt caramels, just to name a few. All of these chocolates are made and packaged up in at our factory in Burnaby, British Columbia by our talented chocolatiers!

So, what are you waiting for? Mom’s chocolate soulmate is waiting! 

Pick up this special box for the Mom in your life today at your local Rocky store now, as well as online. Available in a 10oz and 15oz box.



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