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Eat sweet and WIN sweet this Easter!

Imagine strolling the floors of Rocky Mtn Chocolate, filling a bag to the brim with your favourite candies and chocolates without a care in the world.

Sounds like a pretty nice dream to us. But here’s the thing: we could make the dream a reality for you!

How? Glad you’ve asked!

Crack and WIN Contest Eggs!

Painted in a variety of different colours using edible cocoa butter, these milk chocolate eggs really prove it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Crack open this treat and what you will find inside is: one foil chocolate egg and one coupon with a prize value! The fun part is that EVERY egg in all of our stores in Canada contains a prize. All contain different values of prizes but nonetheless, you’re guaranteed a win! Our Crack and Win eggs are available in all stores, with the exception of stores located in Quebec.

Prize values range from $2 – $100, but there is one egg out there with a coupon with a $1000 value! That’s a $1000 Rocky Mtn shopping spree…like we said, your dream come true!

You only have until end of day of your closest store on April 1st to pick one up! Don’t miss your chance! These make for a fun treat to bring to a dinner or of course a great Easter gift for your loved ones basket (or your basket as well, of course). Head in to your local store today to participate and to hear more!

Read all the contest rules and extra details here. You can also read a way to enter the contest that doesn’t include purchasing a Crack and Win Egg through this link.



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