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The best treats for ‘some bunny’ special!

The month of March is upon us which means the season of Spring will arrive soon which also means the holiday of chocolate is right around the corner: Easter! 

There is less than one month until you’ll be tearing into a colourful and hopefully Rocky Mtn filled Easter basket. Being that our Easter chocolates are now available online and at your local Rocky store, you can start planning now!

We’ve got sweets for the kids, the kid in you, the boss, the whole workplace, the friend, the frenemy, you name it! All of our chocolates are handmade with love and care by our chocolatiers in our Burnaby, B.C. factory. Check out the list of some of our delicious themed chocolates below:

Easter Baskets


We know Easter isn’t Easter without a basket filled with sweets and we’ve made this process easier by building a basket for you. Get all your eggs in one basket and get your basket all at one place.

Our baskets come wrapped in clear cello and tied with a yellow ribbon for the small ($19.99) size and a blue ribbon for the large ($29.99) size.

The small basket contains: a milk chocolate Smiley Bunny, a plastic egg filled with foil chocolate eggs, a 2.3oz bag of ‘Bunny Poop’ chocolates, and a 5.2 oz bag of ‘Good Hare Day’ gummy bunnies.

The large basket contains: 9oz milk chocolate ‘What’s Up Doc’ rabbit, a plastic egg filled with foil chocolate eggs, a 4oz foil chocolate egg, 6oz Bunny Poop roller, and a 2.5 oz bag of ‘Good Hare Day’ gummy bunnies.

Our baskets are perfect for family and friend gifts and of course a great addition for corporate gifting. It’s sure to make anyone as ‘hoppy’ as can be!



It’s a fact. Chocolate is even better when it’s on a stick. Even better if it’s in the shape of a bunny.

This Easter season you’ve got two different suckers to choose from. We have our bunny face shaped sucker that is sprayed with edible cocoa butter in both pink and blue, then we have our ever adorable and brand new Bunny Bum Sucker!

They’re as cute as can be, perfect for the kids or for the kid in you!

Crack & Win Contest Egg


If you’ve ever dreamt of leaving a Rocky Mtn Chocolate store with bags and bags full of chocolate without spending your own hard earned money, this product could make those dreams a reality.

Our Crack and Win Easter eggs are made out of milk chocolate and are sprayed with the amazing effect of edible cocoa butter. They don’t just look and taste great, but they come with a chance of a $1000 Rocky Mtn shopping spree! Each of these eggs sitting on our shelves holds a prize inside. Prizes can range from $2 to $100, but one holds the grand prize! Sweet, right?

Stop on in to your local store for more details or read contest info here.


A bunny for every bunny! 


There’s chicks, sheeps, eggs and so much more that comes with Easter time. But one reigns above all: the bunny. If you don’t have at least one chocolate bunny in your basket on Easter, something isn’t quite right. We know and believe in this, so we have plenty of chocolate bunnies that are more than ready to hop out of our stores!

2oz Chocolate Bunny

If you’re looking for a classic yet smaller sweet this Easter, our 2oz bunnies are a great choice. They come in white, dark and milk chocolate. For the milk chocolate ones, you can choose from plain, milk with rice krispies and our ‘Bunny Poop’ or milk with chocolate buttons! These bunnies are the perfect choice for a treat that will keep the sweet tooth happy for the day.

Bunny Packs


Get your bunny and then a little something extra! We have two packs this Easter, one 4oz pack and one 7oz pack.

Our 7oz pack holds an adorable, cartoon looking bunny called ‘Smiley Bunny’. This pack also includes our ‘Get Cracking’ chocolate malt balls and our ‘Crack Me Up’ chocolate foil eggs.

Our 4oz pack includes the classic 2oz bunny (shown above) with added ‘Bunny Poop’ chocolates and our ‘Good Hare Day’ rabbit jube jubes.

These packs can be picked up individually or both are buy three get one FREE! Perfect choice for those filling up multiple baskets this year!

What’s Up Doc? 

It’s rabbit season and this one is all suited up and ready to get to work – lunch in hand. This 9oz Rabbit is a fun twist on the classic chocolate bunny. Bugs Bunny approved.

What’s Up Doc comes in milk, dark and white chocolate.

Bowtie Bunny

The cutest bunny of all! We decided to make the clear adorable features of a bunny and make it even better by adding some classiness: a bowtie! This bunny is dressed to impress.

The 5oz Bowtie Bunny is available in milk and dark, with either a edible cocoa coloured pink or blue bowtie.

A Pound of Joy


1lb of chocolate? Yes please! We always like to think calories don’t count during Easter, so this 1lb egg is a perfect choice if you truly want to indulge this holiday.

Our 1lb chocolate egg is made of milk chocolate which is then topped with more milk chocolate, rice krispies and chocolate buttons. What more could you ask for? Easter dream list complete!



With each holiday that passes, one thing is for sure: our chocolate Bombs never disappoint! Made with a smooth milk chocolate center, wrapped in caramel and dipped in more chocolate, your sweet tooth will be hopping for joy.

As always, our Bombs have been decked out with colourful toppings or made up as adorable characters. We have Bombs with a simple colourful egg topping or we have Easter inspired animals like a bunny, a chick and sheep! We sometimes feel bad biting the face off an adorable chocolate sheep, but with how good it tastes…it just can’t be spared.


Our Bombs are availably individually for you can have them set up all nice and pretty in a five or 10 piece Bomb box. A blue Easter themed cover is over the box is also an option to spruce up your gift a little bit.

These treats are available in store only. Stop into your local store to pick out your favourites!

Rocky Rollers


Our Rocky Rollers are always a great addition to any holiday. Easy for your own on-the-go snacking, or a perfect choice for a basket this year!

We had some fun for this Easter season with our Rollers – not only did we make them delicious (of course) but we gave them some fun names! We have five different rollers to choose from:

24 Karats

These carrot gummies may not make you rich, but they taste so good they may have you feeling like gold. Perfect choice to pair next to a chocolate bunny!

Bunny Poop

**No bunnies were harmed in the making of this product. Collected from the freshest fields. (Kidding…! We promise it’s chocolate).

If you didn’t know, now you know. Bunny poop is really colourful milk chocolate candy coated chocolate shimmer sixlets. These are sure to bring a smile to anyone who is lucky enough to indulge! Add a little fun to your Easter gift!

Crack Me Up

An Easter basket isn’t fully complete until you add some classic colourful chocolate foil eggs. The ‘Crack Me Up’ roller is perfect for hiding or just simply placing amongst the rest of your Rocky treats, or just to treat yourself with!

Get Cracking

You’ll want to keep an eye on these ones if you want more than one for yourself. These chocolate speckled malt balls are a great addition to a basket if you want something different than those classic eggs! Get cracking – before they’re all out!

Good Hare Day

A treat to make your hair shine and feel smoother, just like a rabbits. Kidding. This treat contains rabbit shaped gummies in a variety of colours. We can’t say it will do much for your hair, but it will keep your sweet tooth hopping!

Chocolate Cream & Marshmallow Eggs


Take a seat, plain ol’ chocolate eggs. Time for something a little more decadent. Our Marshmallow Eggs and Cream Eggs are definitely treats to really savour. If you know one of these eggs are hidden, we hope you get to it first!

We have two marshmallow eggs and three cream eggs, all individually wrapped in foil. You can pick up just one to try or you can take advantage of our deal: buy four and get a fifth egg FREE!

Flavours are:

Peanut Butter Cream Egg

Milk Chocolate Marshmallow Egg

Key Lime Cream Egg

Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Egg

Chocolate Cream Egg


That’s all – for now!


Be sure to stop into your local Rocky Mtn store this month leading up to April 1st to discover even more treats that are all handmade with love for Easter. Other sweets includes those made right in store before your eyes such as Easter themed baked cookies, caramel apples, chocolate marshmallows and chocolate dipped brownies! See you soon!



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