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Sweets all handmade with love…

Valentine’s Day is one decadent holiday, so you deserve decadent sweets. Rocky Mtn is your one stop chocolate shop filled with those decadents. Whether you’re looking to share or to indulge on your own, our chocolatiers have made something special up for you.

If you’re looking for above and beyond treats that all are handmade with lots of love, look no further than the treats below! Find most of these or even more at your local Rocky store!

Chocolate Dipped Brownies


Is anything better than a rich brownie? Yes, there is. A rich brownie dipped in sweet chocolate and decorated with various toppings!

All of our brownies are handmade and hand dipped in store by Rocky chocolate chefs and come available in milk, dark and white chocolate. Other than Valentines decorations on your brownie, toppings like sprinkles, toffee and m&ms are also available!




Is there ever a bad time for a cookie? We think not, especially during holidays!

Our cookies are baked fresh in store, topped with sweet caramel then decorated by hand with words and symbols of love for this Valentine’s Day. These cookies are about the size of your hand, so this is a true ‘treat yourself’ sweet.

Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows


Marshmallows on their own are an enticing sweet, but dip them in chocolate? A match made in heaven!

Skewered on a stick, then hand dipped in milk, dark or white chocolate and decorated in store with sprinkles, candy and more. Ready for indulging!

Caramel Apples


Perfect Valentine’s Day date? Sharing a sliced Valentines themed caramel apple from Rocky Mtn Chocolate! Or, don’t share…you both can have your own and swap slices!

All of our Valentines apples are hand dipped in store in sweet caramel, then in chocolate, then decorated with various toppings. Our in store chocolatiers get creative with their designs, so you never know what sweet creations you’ll come across with each visit!

And guess what…it gets even better…



Double the apple, double the love. Sorry, doc. An apple a day is just what we need!


Find even more Valentines treats in your Rocky store or on our online shop. Life is better sweeter!


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