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Impress your Valentine with Rocky Mtn Chocolate!

While it may still be just a short while into 2018 – Valentine’s Day is really just around the corner. And there’s one thing we all know: chocolate is the star of Valentines Day. We here at Rocky Mtn Chocolate take that very seriously.

Our products for this holiday have all been handmade with lots of love, and are ready to warm some hearts. If you’re having a tough time finding that perfect gift for your loved one (or for yourself…) look no further than the delicious sweets listed below! These sweets are available NOW at most locations – all should be stocked within the week of Jan 15th.

A heart of chocolate


Give a little bit of your heart to someone this Valentines Day. That is…a chocolate version. Whether you’d like a simply delicious chocolate heart, or a chocolate heart with added candy and colours – we’ve got you covered. Choose from a 2oz heart with added inclusions, or opt for the bigger four or seven oz heart packs that includes extra chocolate foils and sour lip candies inside! Heart and candy packs are buy three, get one free!

A kiss so sweet…



There’s simply nothing more sweet than a kiss from chocolate. Our lip pack includes a milk chocolate lip painted in edible cocoa butter spray and a handful of our sour “Pucker Up” candies! Like the heart pack above, our chocolate lips pack are buy three get one free!

Roll your way into love!



Our Rocky Rollers are always a great addition to any holiday. Easy for your own on-the-go snacking, or a perfect gift for loved ones, friends or little ones…perfect for everyone! Our flavours this year include “Melt My Heart” milk chocolate foil hearts, “Pucker Up” sour lip candies, “Love Bites” jelly hearts and “All You Need is Love” sour heart candies. Available for $9.99 each.

Sucker for love


Hold your heart high and spread some love with our heart suckers! We’re sure handing over a handful of these delicious treats to go along with a bouquet of flowers would win over most people. All suckers are sprayed with edible cocoa butter to have the loving colours of pink, red and purple hearts! Suckers available in store for $4.99 each.

The art of chocolate


A beautiful red opaque heart bottle filled with 3.5oz of milk chocolate and a paintbrush. This sweet and delicious body paint will allow you to make your own chocolate masterpiece! Available in store for $14.99.

Love Bombs

You know it. We know it. Rocky Mtn Chocolate never fails on making too cute to eat chocolate Bombs. Or too pretty…too delicious looking…whichever description you wish to use.

Our Valentines Day Bombs are a gift hard to resist giving. We’re sure you’ll have to grab one or two for yourself as well! Bombs this holiday include a Mr and Mrs Bear, Ladybug, XOXO and more. You can buy these Bombs individually for $3.99 – $4.99 each, or buy a five or 10 piece box for a set price.

Boxes of chocolate


Impress your Valentine how it’s been done for years: with a box of chocolates. This classic but romantic gift is always sure to please.

We have our XOXO Heart Box (top) that includes a variety of valentine themed sweets and some of our ever loved classics. This beautifully crafted box is available in a 8 ($29.99) and 14oz ($39.99) size.

Then we have our Desire box (bottom). This box doesn’t include Valentine themes inside, but the rose gold colouring and the diamond shape of the box is made to impress – so it’s fit to be a home run for a gift. Available in a 10 ($29.99) and 15oz ($39.99) size.

Chocolate dipped strawberries


You didn’t think we would forget the ultimate Valentine’s Day date treat? While chocolate dipped strawberries are a true indulgence anytime of the year – they truly shine around Valentines. Our strawberries can be purchased individually or you can buy a white and red heart shaped box to set them in to really woo someone. Box available in a small ($34.99) and large ($49.99) size.

That’s all – for now!

Stop into your local Rocky Mtn store this month leading up to February 14th to discover even more treats that are all handmade with love for this Valentine’s Day. Other sweets include Valentines themed baked cookies, caramel apples, chocolate marshmallows and chocolate dipped brownies!


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