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Rocky’s Twelve Days of Christmas: countdown and celebrate with chocolate!

It’s December tomorrow! That means everyone is now allowed to be as excited about the holidays as we are! What better way to get into the holidays than with some chocolate?

For this season, are you hoping to honour the classic feel of Christmas this season? Or maybe you wish to countdown to a festivity in your life other than Christmas? Well make your way into your Rocky store soon, because our Twelve Days of Christmas is there to help keep your wait sweet.

Twelve doors to open, twelve fun holiday facts to learn and twelve chocolates to try! Each door holds a chocolate that was specially made only for this product, such as chocolate and coconut, chocolate and candy cane and more! All of the chocolates are handmade in our factory with the highest quality ingredients and with lots of love and care.

What really makes our Rocky Twelve Days of Chocolate unique and fun is you are not limited to what days you have to countdown with – you can start a countdown whenever you wish, to any celebration you’d like. The Twelve Days of Chocolate allows you to honour the classic “12 Days of Christmas” and start indulging in your chocolates after the holidays until the New Year, or you can choose to countdown 12 days before Christmas, before New Years, before a different holiday, a new job, a birthday, the options are endless!

When you countdown and celebrate with chocolate, life is sweet. Enjoy Twelve Days of Chocolate today!

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