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Tis’ the season for Rocky holiday treats!

There’s a chill in the air, seasonal decorations are starting to appear around your downtown core and best of all…Rocky Mtn Chocolate holiday treats are in store ready to be gifted this season!

We here at Rocky Mtn know that the holiday season is all about getting together with your loved ones, so our festive treats are handmade specifically to make your celebrating even sweeter. Keep reading on to see some of the holiday selections currently available in your store that are perfect for corporate events, for yourself, to sit under the family tree or to stuff stockings with.

Be sure to also keep your eyes on our online store to see what festive products will become available to be ordered right from the comfort of your couch.

O’ Christmas Tree!

Place a chocolate tree under your tree. A perfect holiday gift for all ages – these colourful m&m trees come available individually or they come in a fun pack that includes chocolate and candy! Chocolate and candy packs are buy three get one free!


Chocolate stockings for your stocking


Why not add a stocking into a stocking? These milk chocolate stockings are beautifully painted with edible cocoa butter in colours of red or green. You can never beat a classic holiday symbol like this one!


Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick!

Can’t do the holidays without the man himself. Similar to our tree packs above, this Santa is available as a single pack or in a pack that includes chocolate and candy. Chocolate and candy packs are buy three get one free! Available in milk, dark and white chocolate. Only those on his nice list will be allowed to purchase!


Secret Santa: possible $1000 prize inside!

This one is made for the true nice listers. This adorable milk chocolate Secret Santa is ready to make some holiday dreams come true. Every purchase inside holds a prize of a Rocky card and one Santa out there in Canada holds a card worth $1000! The remaining Santa’s hold cards with values ranging from $2 to $100, so you even if you don’t find the $1000 prize, you still get a sweet surprise.


Festive Suckers!


When it’s holiday season, chocolate suckers are for everyone, not just kids. These cute suckers make for the perfect stocking stuffer and come available as either Santa or Rudolph and are made in milk, dark and white chocolate!

North Poles & Holiday Melt Down

We have got a good one for you here – our North Poles. Perfect for the winter, these are made specially to use as a stir stick in a nice warm cup of hot chocolate – can’t get more warm and cozy than that!

North Poles come in a variety of festive flavours and colours and make for the perfect treat on a chilly winter night! Flavours include Green Apple, Peppermint, Bubblegum and Hot Chocolate. The flavoured candy poles are dipped in chocolate and topped with the candy bits and come available individually or as a pack called “Holiday Melt Down” which includes two peppermint poles and two hot chocolate poles.


You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!

Cute and delicious, a Rocky Mtn promise. Gingerbread is a staple for the holidays – and if it’s a gingerbread man made out of chocolate…even better. This treat comes available in milk chocolate with M&Ms or Skor bits and in dark chocolate with Rice Krispies or Gold Crystals!


Seasonal Holiday Bombs!

Always one of the most beloved Rocky treats – our Bombs. We love to have fun with our Chocolate Bombs when holidays roll around! From snowmen to polar bears and reindeers, it’s hard to pick just one.

Most Bombs are made with a smooth chocolate centre, wrapped in caramel and dipped in chocolate. Some of our seasonal Bombs are ‘Naked Bombs’ which just means they are not wrapped in caramel like the others. We encourage you to try one of each for the sweetest experience. Available individually or in five and 10 piece box sets!

12 days of Rocky Advent Calendar

Celebrate what you want, when you want to. The classic 12 days of Christmas tradition is put into this beautifully made advent calendar with 12 doors to open with a different Rocky treat each time. Chocolates inside are specially made for this advent calendar. The 12 days allows you to start your countdown whenever you wish, whether it’s counting down to Christmas, New Years or any other festivity in your life!


Think inside the box: introducing the Pinnacle Box

Whether it’s a corporate party or a gift to sit under your tree, our Pinnacle Box has you covered. This box is filled with your Rocky favourites like Seafoam, Rocky Pop, Assorted Holiday Chocolate Box, Holiday Rollers and more! Available in a small or large size, or you can choose to stack both boxes for the ultimate selection.


Gift Baskets: become a holiday expert!

We have a variety of assorted gift baskets that will make any boss, in-law, friend or family member smile. Includes treats like chocolate boxes, rollers, bars, Rocky Pop, chocolate trees and more! If you want a gift made up that is somewhat smaller then you can choose chocolates from our showcase in your local store and we can make them look nice and pretty in our red and white holiday boxes (bottom left corner picture).

Spoil your pup too!

Last but not least, we never forget about furry best friends. Our Barker’s Dozen Dog Biscuits are made only for canines and are made safely and deliciously. Each biscuit is dipped in a white confection that contains no real chocolate. Holiday bag includes one biscuit dipped in red!


Handmade in store indulgences!

Some of our best treats end up being the ones that are made right in your local store. From our famous Caramel Apples to our huge and delicious cookies, there are so many treats to discover that will make anyones holiday the best one yet! Stop into your closest Rocky store and watch the chocolate creativity any day of the week!

Happy Holidays!

We can’t wait to see all the Rocky treats you choose to gift! There is so much more of our Holiday collection to discover that isn’t mentioned above – such as a number of different sized holiday themed chocolate boxes and chocolate bars with special holiday flavours!

We hope to see you in a Rocky store soon. Any day, any time, we are ready to help you make the season sweet.

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