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Are you ready to get spooky?

While this may sound crazy – Halloween is already less than a week away! If you haven’t gotten into the spirit yet, now is the time. It’s not too late to step into your local Rocky Mtn store and load up on all the ghosts, ghouls and mummies you need.

Want your house to have the best treats on the block but not sure where to start? We can help you out. Check out our products below or shop online!

Halloween themed Bombs


A witch, a ghost and a pumpkin…all the friends you need for a perfect Halloween. These themed Bombs are almost too cute to eat (we said almost). All of these treats are made with a smooth chocolate center that is then wrapped in sweet caramel and then they are finished off by being dipped in chocolate and decorated accordingly. You can pick up these Bombs individually or you can set them up all nice and pretty in a five or 10 pc Bomb set!

Packaged items: Rollers, Suckers, Werewolf Paws and Friendly Ghost Packs!


Fill up that Rocky shopping bag with anything your heart desires – we have plenty of unique and fun Halloween treats fit for everyone!

Our Rocky Rollers (first picture) are an easy and simple grab-and-go treat that can be for a gift or just to snack on in the house – on for $9.99!

You may think chocolate suckers are just for kids. Well…we say no way! Our adorable Mummy and Pumpkin Chocolate Suckers are a fun treat for kids and adults alike. Available in milk, dark and white (pumpkin made with edible cocoa butter). On for $4.99 each!

Feelin’ nutty? Show your tough side with our Werewolf Paw – a treat filled with almonds that are stuck together with caramel and topped off with milk chocolate. This is one treat not to be beat – on for $6.99 each.

Last but not least, our adorable chocolate and candy packs are a popular as a gift or as a treat for those knocking on your door on Halloween night. This pack is available as a Friendly Ghost Pack as shown above, or as a Mummy Pack. Ghosts are $7.99 each or buy three get one free! Mummy packs are $11.99 each or buy three get one free as well. Each have a milk chocolate figure with several chocolate Boo Balls and sour pumpkin candies! What are you waiting for!?

Themed Caramel Apples


You know us here at Rocky Mtn. We are all about our handmade Caramel Apples. All of our stores have got more creative than ever this Halloween to make sure you celebrate the right way. From Mummies to skeletons to Frankenstein, these guys are hard to resist. A perfect treat for yourself to indulge in while waiting for the sound of knocks on your door from excited trick or treaters, or a perfect gift for both kids and adults! You could also give out these at your door and become the best house in the neighbourhood.


Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins!


Nothing says Halloween like a Pumpkin – so we have lots of them for you.

Our 2oz Pumpkins are a perfect treat for those trick or treat bags or for your own personal chocolate stash. Available in milk and dark in either plain or topped with toffee or m&ms! On for $4.99 each.

Need a little more colour? Our #NoBrainer pumpkins are packed full of fun! These guys are filled with sprinkles, gummy worms, mini M&M’s, and candy eyes! On for $12.99.

Now, our Smashing Pumpkin is where it’s at. A hollow milk chocolate pumpkin, filled with our famous Rocky Pop (caramel popcorn with nuts) and sprayed orange with edible cocoa butter – could it get any better? On for $29.99 – in store availability only.

Need more?


Check out some more spooky selections in the images below. Check out your local store for more selection or shop online for Halloween products and more on our online store! Products ship right to your door!


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