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Holiday Caramel Apples: treat yourself before the big day!

With only four more days until Christmas, it’s time to sit back and reflect on all the awesome holiday shopping you completed and think about what you deserve for all your hard work!

We say you deserve a Rocky Mtn holiday Caramel Apple!

Our caramel apples are handmade right in store by our chocolatiers. We have so many choices in store that you may end up wanting to leave with more than one! From Santa and his trusty lead Reindeer, they are all creative and of course, delicious. Each store comes up with a lot of their own creations, so you never know what holiday characters you may see at your Rocky visit!

While these are a great mid day treat to get you through the rest of your pre-holidays, these also make a perfect stocking stuffer for those with sweet-tooths in your life!

Holiday caramel apples go for $12.99 each. Ask for your apple to be sliced for easier indulging!

Find the closest Rocky store to you here.


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